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Our Patented Valve Covers

Can Save You Substantial Labor Costs

Our patented design makes not only the insulation of valves easier, it saves untold labor and expense. If properly installed and removed, the Corick Valve Cover may never have to be replaced.

  • No more expensive call outs to contractors to replace insulation after valves are serviced.
  • No more labor wasted insulating valves in the traditional manner, only to have them damaged, requiring replacement before the end of the job.
  • No more material waste or clean-up. Corick Valve Covers come virtually ready to install.

Standard Configurations

Numerous Variations Available (click images for detail)

Tools Needed

Simple Installation
  • Filet/flat blade knife.
    No knife with serrated edges.
  • Clear Silicone
  • Raw Fiberglass
  • Rubber Tape
  • Mastic, PVC Jacket,
    or Aluminum Jacket
    (only if installed outside)
  • Dividers
    (not required, but make for a better look)
  • Rubber Glue
    (only needed if making modifications to cover)


Our Technology

A Unique Combination of Materials and Assembly

The Corick Valve Cover offers substantial savings over traditional methods of fabrication and installation. The one inch thick cover also meets industry standards in all of these important categories.

Each one of our custom made covers can be used at temperatues ranging from 35° F to 200° F. All standard sizes are available ranging from 2.5″ to 8″ featuring a 25/50 fire rating. Larger sizes are available upon request.

Tech Specs


Corick Removable / Reusable Insulation Valve Covers are specially designed for use on Chill Water, Heating Hot Water, and Domestic Water valves and equipment. When properly installed Corick Removable / Reusable Insulation Valve Covers effectively retard heat gain, and prevent condensation or frost formation on cold equipment. They also effectively retard heat loss when used on hot equipment.

Flame and Smoke Ratings
  • Elastomeric thermal insulations in 1/2″ and 1″ thickness
  • Flame Spread - 25 or less
  • Smoke Density - 50 or less
Moisture Resistance

Closed cell structure is in it's self a vapor barrier, but under continuous conditions of high humidity (tropical conditions) additional vapor barrier protection is recommended.

Physical Properties
  • Elastomeric thermal insulation
  • Thermal Conductivity 
    0.245 k-Value  
    ASTM C 177 / C 518
  • Surface Burning Characteristics,  
    Through 2” Thick 
    Flame Spread – 25 Max.
    Smoke Dev. – 50 Max.
    ASTM E 84
    UL 94 5V-A, V-O
    UL File E228536
    ASTM D 635
  • Service Temperature, CONTINUOUS
    -297°F to +300°F
    -183ºC to +150ºC
    ASTM C 411
Physical Properties CONT'D
  • Chemical/Solvent Resistance Good
  • Mildew Resistance/Air Erosion Pass
  • Operating Temperature Range Upper +200°F
  • Operating Temperature Range Lower +35°F

Y Covers

Y-Strainer, Triple Duty & Circuit Setter
options are available.
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T Covers

Gate, Suction Diffuser, Balancing/Control & Union
options are available.
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Tube Covers

Flange, Butteryfly, Flex, Inline Pump, Base Mounted Pump, Circuit Setter, Ball & Union
options are available.
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Cross Covers

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